FutaDomWorld v0.9 Public: "Sally Part One"

v0.9 "Sally Part One"


-Sally Part One (Accessible from the gym if you have adequate STR)

-Girl's Night Out With Chloe (Accessible from the bar)


Whatup, futanauts.

We've been doing this for six years. Some of your names are deeply familiar to me now. 

This is our twenty-seventh release, and it has been our literal most cursed one! We rewrote this script four, maybe five times, and we had four, maybe five writers periodically sticking their dicks in it.  And also three artists, and also three programmers, god help us.

('The plural of programmer is 'merge conflict'." )

As such, this might be a buggy one, both in code and also typos. We would find it heroic if you were to report any bugs you come across.

We're aiming to double-tap our release schedule such that we've got Sally Part Two out for you next month; we will, of course, keep you apprised. 

We hope you enjoy Sally Part One. 

Sacha Witt

and everyone on the FutaDomWorld team. 


Oct 01, 2022
FutaDomWorld-0.9-pc.zip 923 MB
Oct 01, 2022

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