FutaDomWorld v0.8 Public: "Wallis Part One"


-Wallis Part One is now coded into the game. 

--To save you all a lot of guessing, you can find Wallis at the pool a few days after she disappears from the park. Sometimes, later, she won't be in her apartment—that's because she's a busy futa who has a life. If you wait a few days she'll come back. 

--Wallis is our secret character. Two years from now, y'all will be the cool veterans while all the Steam-game-come-lately noobs are crying on the forums. 

--Heads up that this route contains a lot of weird and violent sexual content, especially if you keep telling Wallis that you're not scared of weird and violent sexual content. There's a more explicit disclaimer in the game, but as a reminder, please don't play content which you think will traumatize you! Completion trophies aren't a thing in real life. 

--Or, maybe you're already meaningfully more perverse than I'm giving you credit for, and will find all the knifeplay/choking/struggle content fun, rather than edgelord. I'm often surprised by how hardcore masochist our players are. 

-Pool's OPEN

-- (and there's a nice lady who needs help putting on sunscreen)

-Gabby has discovered anime

--and she's ready to go on a bizarre adventure with you 

-Sara's running a clinic inside the MREA

--You can now deliberately lower your sex stats, if for some reason you want that

--(e.g., so you can fail checks, if you're curious about what happens)

-The Rusty Starfish now has a mildly literal tourist trap 

--Some dastardly futa are seducing tourists into debaucherous sex. There was no way anyone could have predicted this. 


FutaDomWorld-0.8.0-pc.zip 3 GB
May 02, 2022
FutaDomWorld-0.8.0-mac.zip 3 GB
May 02, 2022
com.futadomworld.game-release.apk 900 MB
May 02, 2022

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can 0.7.7 save files be used in 0.8?

How do you unlock the "Explore the Nightclub" Gallery image?

Is the Android apk up to the right 0.8 version? I downloaded the most recent one and the game was still in version 0.7.7

Do you have a specific date on when the update will be released?

Probably end of July 

Wallis says she lives in the 9th floor but when you try to visit here the game says you don't know anyone in there why? Please help how do i find her after talking to her at the pool?

You're in the wrong building! Look behind the Rusty Starfish

so i know this is probably a dumb question but how do yo even find wallis i went to the park the pool and nothing im so confused 

If you're confirmed that you're playing v0.8, Wallis shows up in the park around day 3, in an ice cream truck. Then, after you complete the ice cream truck content, it'll disappear. She shows up at the pool a few days after that. 

thank you


YEAH BABY! Glad I donated some money to you guys.