FutaDomWorld v0.6 Public: "Claudia Part Two"

Changelog v0.6

-Now there's a Quick Sleep button

-Instead of the game not containing Claudia Part Two, the game now includes Claudia Part Two.

-Six possible Claudia endings

---Although tbh only two of those are really "endings" and the rest are more just interesting failure conditions

-Eight new gallery scenes

-Foot worship content

-Genuine Manchurian Candidate experience

-Erotic asphyxiation, kinda 

-Just a little bit more eating ass

-Hot-blooded murder

-Cold-blooded murder

-Depraved hand-holding content

-The largest orgy yet depicted in FDW

-And a wholesome and heartwarming finale, for those of you who like that kind of thing


FutaDomWorld-0.6-pc.zip 2 GB
Aug 16, 2020
FutaDomWorld-0.6-mac.zip 2 GB
Aug 16, 2020
FutaDomWorld-0.6-linux.tar.bz2 2 GB
Aug 16, 2020
Aug 16, 2020

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