FutaDomWorld v07.7 Public: "Mallory Complete, and Mindfuck Complete"

Changelog v0.7.7

-Four new Gabby Apartment Vignettes (Such as watching Real Housemales together.)

-The Rusty Starfish job now has a special event outcome: the Mina date. With the MREA badge, it has about an 8% chance of happening on a given day. Sorry to hit you with this gacha bullshit. 

-Hypnosis vignette in the Rec Center Maybe it's not your thing, but I like it. 

-Diamond's Cumflation Scene Invite only, via either her club silhouette or Claudia's endgame content. 

-Mallory Goddess Ending Addendum (with optional M/M content) Continues right in the harem where the last one left off. 

-Rye's Smoking and Watersports Scene As commissioned by our Empress-tier backer, Bardafree

-Mallory's LSD Ending Incense doesn't need to contain anything other than mind expanding herbs, really. 

-Long Scrolling Credits V1 Are currently very fragile; don't click during them or they'll skip. We're working on that.

v 0.7.6

New Dates -If you can call attending religious ceremonies a date -If you can call an incidental hobo four-way a date

New endings 

1. Mallory Is Reformed 

2. Mallory Didn't Reform For Shit 

3. Mallory ???

Some other content -Verisimilitudinous incense-making experience -Wonderful musical choices

Changelog v0.7.5

-Finally made Apartment 3 visitable

-Mallory Reform Content

-Mallory Cult Content --Secret Abbesses Bad End

-Intense Demetria staredown action --Now with eyes!

-Angela is now 40% more violent and insane --Mallory actually not more violent or insane this path, you pretty much know her deal by now

-Some really 🔥 Angela music

Changelog v0.7.4

-Additional six Mallory dates.

-Marital Arts now available in the Rec Center 

-An (optional) pee scene

-Instead of being a snake-tongued megalomaniac—the perverse combination of Martin Luther and Sarah Palin—Mallory is now a vulnerable, sensitive character with human insecurities 

-Just kidding, no she's not.

-Hidden Renee Bad End with MILFy goodness

-Weird bondage stuff with G-MILFy goodness


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Oct 06, 2021
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Oct 06, 2021

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how to get scene mallorys route it a bit to late for questions

Hi, how could I see the Four new Gabby Apartment Vignettes ?
Pls guide me, thx

I can't download the file


I was ecstatic to see Mallory get fleshed out, since she was my favorite character from the earlier days when she didn't have much content- but her Goddess Day scene should be looked at - she doesn't recognize you if it happens when you're far down that path, and seeing the deposed leader of the church in her full regalia for goddess day after Mallory had been sworn in was pretty silly.

Doing great so far, I've put a lot of hours into this and haven't seen all the content.

(2 edits)

POGGG. This version is pretty.. intense, so to say. I quite like the references to the NTR game and to (spoiler) Caesar's end in the Ides of March but with Demetria instead.