FutaDomWorld v0.5 Public: "Claudia Part One"


Megaslut content: 

-Three new sex scenes with Shopkeeper Stacy

-Claudia's tax day now contains an alternate payment option

-Betty now offers you an opportunity to earn a discount on the rent


-A new futa to talk to in the park

-School now contains a teacher

-Teacher now abducts you

-MREA no longer empty 

-When captured by Shauna, Claudia/Demetria phone calls now result in something new. 

Claudia Content

-Instead of the game not containing Claudia Part One, the game now includes Claudia Part One 

-Cop Tropes

-Road Head

-Medical Play

-Eating ass

-Eating a lot of ass, we sort of all wrote ass-eating this release and didn't coordinate on that

-A Somewhat Humanized Claudia

-A Threesome

-"If you squint at it, it's kind of a foursome?" 

-A Cliffhanger

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I'm unable to get the 5a update.

Update: I figured out I needed to download from an actual internet explorer, and not through itch.