FutaDomWorld v0.4a Public: Demetria

Demetria v0.4a (Bugfix, More Animations, Public) is live. 

Y'all who haven't played FDW since the last public release, you're in for a bunch of new game mechanics! 

Changelog is as follows: 

Since v0.4a Demetria:

-Added sex animation to the Sacrifice scenes 

-Added mouthfucking from the Teacher's Assistant 

-More illustrations for sex scenes
-- pillory-fuck is no longer blindfolded, and is animated
-- Mallory/Demetria spitroast is now visible

-Animated the energy-drink-overdose scene 

-Animated the caught-with-spermicide punishment scene 

-Illustrated the last temple vignette 

-Fixed some textual bugs

-Fixed the negative money glitch with the temple donation box 

Since v0.3b Rye Public

-New difficulty levels
-- Softie: Infinite money and energy, max stats, and no stat loss   
-- Chubs - Futa cum drains your INT stat   
-- Throbbing - Futa cum drains your INT, is addictive, and the withdrawal is a bitch

-New INT mechanic
-- Failed dates/work events are no longer a game over   
-- Player starts with 100 INT   
-- Exposure to futa cum drains the player's INT
-- INT can be restored at the School or via several events
-- Zero INT results in Game Over.

-A Hidden MIF Shop   
-- Energy drinks to help you get more done in a day   
-- Bad consequences for overdosing on energy drinks
-- Spermicide to protect your brain

-Goddess Day tweaks
-- Relationships with heroines can only get you out of Goddess Day trouble once per game
-- The Suni/Sara Goddess Day content should actually finally be available
-- (why does it keep disappearing??) 

-And of course all the new Demetria content
- Imperious dismissal
-- Benevolent neglect
-- Weird BDSM
-- Public Sex (very, very public) 
-- Several different configurations of Clergy threesome 
-- Four new endings (Mallory, Demetria Megachurch, Face/Off, Public Use, and some middling Game Over opportunities that come from pushing your luck.) 


FutaDomWorld-0.4a-win.zip 1 GB
Oct 24, 2019
FutaDomWorld-0.4a-linux.tar.bz2 1 GB
Oct 24, 2019
FutaDomWorld-0.4a-mac.zip 1 GB
Oct 24, 2019

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I need to know how to get every single gallery item, I'm missing 6 or 7 0f them in the last 2 pages and its PISSING me off. anyway, great fucking game pal

Question: I can't seem to find the game file when extracting through Linux. Are there any issues that you're aware of by chance? Or is there something I'm missing maybe?

Did you guys fix the part of the game where on goddess day I can go to town and meet those two buff futas (forgot there names) and it usually says missing stats but I would have full stats on everything.