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As our game is dankest pornography, you must of course be 18 or older to follow any of the links below or play the game.

This is a futanari dating sim.

FutaDomWorld is an alternate-history dating simulator game, set in an erotic and dystopian collaborative writing universe inspired by this caption. The universe has spawned, to date, more than two thousand additional captions, three erotic novellas, and now, a game.

FDW is science fiction; in the near future, genetic engineering has created an invasive breed of people with physiologically addictive semen. Naturally, this immediately spawned an erotic dystopia. 

As a male citizen of the Empire, you are oppressed and objectified at every turn. Your goal is to choose a futa mistress from among many, and seduce them… before someone else decides you might be better as their bimbo slave.

If you like power play, strong feminine characters, and deeply flawed people, we're off to a good start. If you also like dominant women with enormous cocks plundering innocent boys, then you should absolutely go play this game. Stop reading this description and hit the download link, we'll be here when you come back. 

WARNING - The game deals heavily with themes of femdom, bondage, objectification, gender roles, mind control, dystopia, and slavery.  There is also a really tremendous amount of butt stuff. Persons who are likely to be offended by any of these things should probably just give the game a pass, for everyones' sake.  


In the final product, we aim to have ten romanceable heroines of very different shape and personality, with branching quests, random events, bad ends to avoid, a fully realized city to visit, and tons of twisted situations to enjoy.

Build Notes!

Also, remember this is an early access release from an independent studio; there's a LOT more to come. Furthermore, we're sure there's going to be bugs. Please report any bugs you come across

(And if you have an awesome idea for what you want to see in the next release, tell us in the comments, or on our Patreon) 

This game is FREE, but you can support us with a one-off payment with the amount of your choice, or support the development on our Patreon.

(You can find Mac and Linux versions through our website, here: https://www.patreon.com/FutadomWorld_Game )

Changelog v0.9.1

Sally Part Two

—(take note that Sally’s carnival date contains special guests depending on where you are in other heroines’ routes. Though our serious and dignified ladies wont be attending the carnival.)

-VR Theater Launch (Rec center)

-Playing Doctor (pool silhouette, sex)

-Silver Fox (pool silhouette, nonsexual)

-Updated art for Chloe's Night Out 

-Updated art for Volleyball Gang


Hello again, futanauts. That was a quick release cycle! And certainly a stressful one; my last github commit message on the game, completed about six minutes ago, simply reads "YOLO".

We'd find it heroic if you were to report any bugs you come across.

We hope you enjoy Sally.

Sacha Witt

and everyone on the FutaDomWorld team.

Changelog v0.9:

-Sally Part One (Accessible from the gym if you have adequate STR)

-Girl's Night Out With Chloe (Accessible from the bar)


Whatup, futanauts.

We've been doing this for six years. Some of your names are deeply familiar to me now. 

This is our twenty-seventh release, and it has been our literal most cursed one! We rewrote this script four, maybe five times, and we had four, maybe five writers periodically sticking their dicks in it.  And also three artists, and also three programmers, god help us.

('The plural of programmer is 'merge conflict'." )

As such, this might be a buggy one, both in code and also typos. We would find it heroic if you were to report any bugs you come across.

We're aiming to double-tap our release schedule such that we've got Sally Part Two out for you next month; we will, of course, keep you apprised. 

We hope you enjoy Sally Part One. 

Sacha Witt

and everyone on the FutaDomWorld team. 

Changelog v0.8

-Wallis Part One is now coded into the game. 

--To save you all a lot of guessing, you can find Wallis at the pool, a few days after she disappears from the park. Sometimes, later, she won't be in her apartment—that's because she's a busy futa who has a life. If you wait a few days she'll come back. 

--Wallis is our secret character. Two years from now, y'all will be the cool veterans while all the Steam-game-come-lately noobs are crying on the forums. 

--Heads up that this route contains a lot of weird and violent sexual content, especially if you keep telling Wallis that you're not scared of weird and violent sexual content. There's a more explicit disclaimer in the game, but as a reminder, please don't play content which you think will traumatize you. Completion trophies aren't a thing in real life. 

--Or, maybe you're already meaningfully more perverse than I'm giving you credit for, and will find all the knifeplay/choking/struggle content fun, rather than edgelord. I'm often surprised by how hardcore masochist our players are. 

-Pool's OPEN

-- (and there's a nice lady who needs help putting on sunscreen)

-Gabby has discovered anime

--and she's ready to go on a bizarre adventure with you 

-Sara's running a clinic inside the MREA

--You can now deliberately lower your sex stats, if for some reason you want that

--(e.g., so you can fail checks, if you're curious about what happens)

-The Rusty Starfish now has a mildly literal tourist trap 

--Some dastardly futa are seducing tourists into debaucherous sex. There was no way anyone could have predicted this. 

Changelog v0.7.7

-Four new Gabby Apartment Vignettes (Such as watching Real Housemales together.)

-The Rusty Starfish job now has a special event outcome: the Mina date. With the MREA badge, it has about an 8% chance of happening on a given day. Sorry to hit you with this gacha bullshit. 

-Hypnosis vignette in the Rec Center Maybe it's not your thing, but I like it. 

-Diamond's Cumflation Scene Invite only, via either her club silhouette or Claudia's endgame content. 

-Mallory Goddess Ending Addendum (with optional M/M content) Continues right in the harem where the last one left off. 

-Rye's Smoking and Watersports Scene As commissioned by our Empress-tier backer, Bardafree

-Mallory's LSD Ending Because why would incense contain anything but mind expanding herbs?  

-Long Scrolling Credits V1 Are currently very fragile; don't click during them or they'll skip. We're working on that.

v 0.7.6

New Dates -If you can call attending religious ceremonies a date -If you can call an incidental hobo four-way a date

New endings 

1. Mallory Is Reformed 

2. Mallory Didn't Reform For Shit 

3. Mallory Ascends to Literal Heaven as a Literal Goddess

Some other content -Verisimilitudinous incense-making experience -Wonderful musical choices

Changelog v0.7.5

-Finally made Apartment 3 visitable

-Mallory Reform Content

-Mallory Cult Content --Secret Abbesses Bad End

-Intense Demetria staredown action --Now with eyes!

-Angela is now 40% more violent and insane --Mallory actually not more violent or insane this path, you pretty much know her deal by now

-Some really 🔥 Angela music

Changelog v0.7.4

-Additional six Mallory dates.

-Marital Arts now available in the Rec Center 

-An (optional) pee scene

-Instead of being a snake-tongued megalomaniac—the perverse combination of Martin Luther and Sarah Palin—Mallory is now a vulnerable, sensitive character with human insecurities 

-Just kidding, no she's not.

-Hidden Renee Bad End with MILFy goodness

-Weird bondage stuff with G-MILFy goodness

v0.7.1 Changelog: MegaSlut 

Sports Complex now visitable, with  -Nude drawing class (legitimate), -Nude drawing class (illegitimate) -Steam room stat-gate, to --Locker Room (team-building activity) 

Club updated -Diamond insists all males are bi -Cumlympics 

Gym updated   -Sweaty Futa finally lets you lick that sweat

Rusty Starfish now visitable, with -Irene proposes an alternate to conventional employment 

Downtown updated -Big Titty Goth GF -Absolute Bimbo -Just a little romance -Repeatable scenes with both 

-Display updated Such that place names now appear at the bottom of the screen rather than overlaid on the image

-Flagging updated Such that incomplete paths (like proposing to Demetria you take a third option) now announce as Coming Soon rather than just grayed-out. 

v0.7.2 Changelog: Mallory Part One

-The locker room Team-Building-Activity is now animated, with some slick dialogue presentation stuff coded by the ever-brilliant Bert. 

-A gang of cockney hobos can now rail you in a back alley. (Finally) 

-Art for the Rusty Starfish jobs is now present

-Mallory Part One is now implemented. 

v0.7.3 Changelog: Mallory Part Two

-Additional five-and-a-half Mallory dates. 

-Abbess Gretchen edging minigame

-A male-on-futa scene added (for you heretics) 

-Ball worship

-Fixed a bug that made Claudia's radio sound effects crash the game

-Fixed a bug that made Twoholes laughter crash the game

-Hott Yoga

-Mallory is now 30% more ruthless and insane 

Some Thoughts

-In retrospect, it was obviously a bad idea for us to do a Christmas Eve release. 

-The monthly release schedule was pretty rough. Everyone is like "Sacha, come hang out and play video games and have casual sex and otherwise enjoy your life" and I gotta be like "aw shucks everybody sorry but these dickgirls aren't going to write themselves, maybe next year". 

So, we're likely to try out slowing down the  release schedule until it's sustainable, for a while. 

-We've now enabled yearly subscriptions on Patreon, if anyone wants to fuck with that. 

-There will also be Mallory Part Three. (And possibly Part Four.) 

-We're still working on figuring out how to release the game in content patches rather than forcing a redownload every time. Or rather, we know how to do it, but so far, every release, I've ruined the content patch by going back and editing old stuff. 

In my defense, I wrote Vicky's dialogue in 2015, so it's like reading my own teen poetry. I'm constitutionally incapable of *not* fixing it. 

-We're planning a special Valentines Day episode for a certain premier tier of backer (which will presumably come out near Valentines Day.) 

-We have moved from the Plotting phase to the actual There Is A Script And Some Art phase of Wallis. 


Merry Christmas, futafans. 

Sacha Witt

and everyone on the FDW team. 

Changelog v0.6

-Now there's a Quick Sleep button

-Instead of the game not containing Claudia Part Two, the game now includes Claudia Part Two.

-Six possible Claudia endings

---Although tbh only two of those are really "endings" and the rest are more just interesting failure conditions

-Eight new gallery scenes

-Foot worship content

-Genuine Manchurian Candidate experience

-Erotic asphyxiation, kinda 

-Just a little bit more eating ass

-Hot-blooded murder

-Cold-blooded murder

-Depraved hand-holding content

-The largest orgy yet depicted in FDW

-And a wholesome and heartwarming finale, for those of you who like that kind of thing

Changelog v0.5

Megaslut content: 

-Three new sex scenes with Shopkeeper Stacy

-Claudia's tax day now contains an alternate payment option

-Betty now offers you an opportunity to earn a discount on the rent


-A new futa to talk to in the park

-School now contains a teacher

-Teacher now abducts you

-MREA no longer empty 

-When captured by Shauna, Claudia/Demetria phone calls now result in something new. 

Claudia Content

-Instead of the game not containing Claudia Part One, the game now includes Claudia Part One 

-Cop Tropes

-Road Head

-Medical Play

-Eating ass

-Eating a lot of ass, we sort of all wrote ass-eating this release and didn't coordinate on that

-A Somewhat Humanized Claudia

-A Threesome

-"If you squint at it, it's kind of a foursome?" 

-A Cliffhanger

Since v0.4a Demetria:

-Added sex animation to the Sacrifice scenes 

-Added mouthfucking from the Teacher's Assistant

-More illustrations for sex scenes
-- pillory-fuck is no longer blindfolded, and is animated
-- Mallory/Demetria spitroast is now visible

-Animated the energy-drink-overdose scene 

-Animated the caught-with-spermicide punishment scene 

-Illustrated the last temple vignette 

-Fixed some textual bugs

-Fixed the negative money glitch with the temple donation box 

Since v0.3b Rye Public

-New difficulty levels
-- Softie: Infinite money and energy, max stats, and no stat loss   
-- Chubs - Futa cum drains your INT stat   
-- Throbbing - Futa cum drains your INT, is addictive, and the withdrawal is a bitch

-New INT mechanic
-- Failed dates/work events are no longer a game over   
-- Player starts with 100 INT   
-- Exposure to futa cum drains the player's INT
-- INT can be restored at the School or via several events
-- Zero INT results in Game Over.

-A Hidden MIF Shop   
-- Energy drinks to help you get more done in a day   
-- Consequences for overdosing on energy drinks
-- Spermicide to protect your brain

-Goddess Day tweaks
-- Relationships with heroines can only get you out of Goddess Day trouble once per game
-- The Suni/Sara Goddess Day content should actually finally be available
-- (why does it keep disappearing??) 

-And of course all the new Demetria content
- Imperious dismissal
-- Benevolent neglect
-- Weird BDSM
-- Public Sex (very, very public) 
-- Several different configurations of Clergy threesome 
-- Four new endings (Mallory, Demetria Megachurch, Face/Off, Public Use, and some middling Game Over opportunities that come from pushing your luck.) 

Updated 3 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(535 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, Erotic


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Please mark the pc download as supporting linux, can’t download it on itch app otherwise. It works if I download it separately, so it does support linux :)

gotchu fam


Hi, I recently started playing this and love it, but I do have one question. What stat is used to determine if you pass the Test of Pain? I keep failing it no matter which stat I grind


Hi, it's the second time I'm playing the game, I'll admit that the first time I was quite surprised that the characters are better written than most AAA games we have nowadays.

I have to requests: can you provide an updated list with all the songs used in the game? I'm especially curious about the music that plays when Sally fights for the first time.

Also any tips how to "date" Gabby/Garbage Futa and Diamond? I never visited their apartment.


Gabby's apartment is unlockable via her silhouette in the club; then she'll welcome you on the (4th?) floor of the Glendale building. Diamond's apartment visit requires that you sweet-talk her during Claudia's route, I think, though there may also be an option via her silhouette. 

Yeah, Sally's music fuckin slaps, right? It's Brazilian Street Fight, by Punch Deck. 

Is playing the danceblow mini game an option on the apk version of the game? 

I'm wondering bc I enabled it but it just skipped the scene.


great game of congratulations. (I wanted to know how to complete Sally's gallery, only the gym is missing)

Glad to have an update so soon! Sally is so adorable and I'm glad she gets the happy ending she deserves. Only thing I can suggest is for Godess's day in Downtown to change if you and Sally are in a relationship. Other than that, great work! 


As a man I now see what women went through in the 1000-1900

and also I see that there is now a reason we should never make futas in a lab

(1 edit)

what is the name of the music after wallis breast fucks(scene is after meeting the cop), its the calm type music with piano and beats i think

thanks in advance

(1 edit)

Yep, I have it saved as "m_lonely_nights.mp3" with no metadata 

Neither shazam nor audiotag nor aha-music found hide nor hair of it 

I probably made it by mildly producing some Youtube rip

If you're hellbent, you could possibly find it via brute-force searching the first fifty youtube hits for "No Copyright Music Chill Lo-Fi Beats"

Haha okay got it 

omg thanks, i was awake at 3am just searching for this song everywhere lol. You were a huge help

where is new update on steam version?

(1 edit) (+1)

Has  anyone else found the special guests in Sally's carnival date? Just want to avoid ton of trying everything?

is there a release date for the next update on Steam ?


If you mean Sally Part Two, it is already live on Steam! 

If you mean the next one, no; probably January 


Is there a release date on Wallis Part 2 for premium version


Tuesday, probably!

I have some problems installing 0.9 on my android

i can download the thing perfectly, but when i try to update my game it justs fails. 

Any ideas on how to fix that? 

It might be because my game is on 0.7.7


Mallory is Goddess :D


Is Wallis part 2 coming soon. Also, when will the Demetria + Claudia option come. Been waiting for that for long

(1 edit)

I have a question. i just started playing the game recently, so while choosing the difficulty i choose the easy one with unlimited money and energy,so will it effect the gameplay somehow 

Can anyone answer please

The gameplay is altered in that you have unlimited money and energy


This renders some endings impossible to reach, as they require failing at skill checks or running out of money. 80% of the game should still be reachable, though. 

What do I do when Mallory leaves the note 

Let's go! Nice to see a update


can you guys please tell me when you gonna release Sally Complete public??


Why, it's live right now on our Patreon! 

I am sorry but I live in a country that has bad economy so paying 7 dolars is too much for me to pay. Thats why I asked. I wish I could help you guys. Sorry:(  

I love your work...

Not to worry! It'll be out around Halloween


I couldn't wait. I bought it from steam. I AM WEAK!!!


Is there no android version for v9. 0?


Why are some scenes censored and others are not? Is there a way to get everything uncensored?

Which scenes are censored? Though we at one point made a censorship build for release in Japan, currently we aren't bothering with that and there should be no censorship in the game. 

I would say around 70% of scenes unlocked in my gallery are censored. I just finished Claudia's route and basically everything was censored.

Are you using the most recent build??

If you can email us at futadomworldgame@gmail.com that might be helpful 

I went into the save files and removed everything and then started the game, and now nothing is censored. I guess I played the version with censorship before and now when I played again it was still censored. Either way it works now, thanks c:


time for a revolution boys

I can't download it says forbidden. What should I do?


I was scrolling through, almost downloaded without reading anything, but thanks for the thoughtful description my guy, I do not like this genre but hope it turns out well for you

(1 edit)

Will the sally part 1 and 2 updates be  put on here or Is it like a patron only? 

Sally 1 will be out here probably at the end of the month, when Sally Part Two comes out for Patreon backers 

FDW - Binding Sim sorry for the question cois but I'm curious, long time did you put a post where you said to us if they wanted to see where there were giantesses in the game, but in the end this idea is still valid for the future? in the sense will we ever see a game on futanari giantesses one day?

does it have animations?

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

Hands down one of the absolute best and highest quality porn games, with the best iteration of what is admitedly an obscure genre.

The game truly reflects how passionate the devs were while crafting this absolute masterpiece.

Even the weaker parts of the writing are still quite enjoyable and im honestly excited to see how far they take this with the steam release and future updates.

Thank you.


for people that still don't know, the new update is out on Steam and it's FUCKING AMAZING !!!

can't wait for more !


I know I'm wrong for asking this but are there any submissive futas who want to see what it's like giving themself to a man?

Like how a man who wants to be fucked and act like a sissy but reversed. Ya know, have her titties sucked and fucked, give head to a man and be fucked by a man? She doesn't fuck him at all. Totally submissive to a man and dresses slutty for him. I know this is a game where men are scum but it doesn't hurt to ask right?



there are 2 sub futas in the game as of no

Who are they?


when is the new update coming out on Steam ?


when new update come out steam?


I've bought the game on Steam, can I play the new update or do I have to wait for the public release !?


What happened with the update? :c

It's out! 


in patreon T.T im poor xd


what about steam? patreon and steam version supposed come out same day


When is the next Wallis part gonna come out? She is my favorite character by far!

The game is fun on easy, the game is a challenge for nromla, I'm sure its a nightmare on the hardest one. 

What I have issue with is the INT is there no way to restore it? 

The school is good for getting oral, anal, and earning money. I believe the yoga is also good without losing any INT and gaining strength. Going to the art class is a risk because that will lower the INT.

Not sure what the best strategy is to at least survive enough so you can earn money and go on at least one date. But I might try using the school for the first tax and second rent then try to get paid at the bat that's in town. 

You can raise INT at the school! 


today is the 117th day since the last update came out




We're live; 



(1 edit)

I tried to download the game many, many times. It never finish. Is this a common problem or what can I do?

Thanks for any help!

Problem solved!

(1 edit)

On android with some mini games that u have to use keyboard to progress with the story and futa relationships ryu arrow mini game on android port dose not work by using  Bluetooth keyboard, touch screen and or controller, is there anyway u can add an skip mini game or add a different way to play the mini game without have to use an keyboard to progress the story on android port

All minigames should indeed be skippable! Either in the game, or in the menu (to disable e.g., the Danceblow)

(1 edit) (+2)

More content with the Sweaty blonde haired Futa from the gym would be nice NGL. Great game so far tho.

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