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Andorid version?

Actually, yes. We finally got the android port working for the new release, v0.6, available now on our Patreon

Is it free for android?


Noooooo. This game is like, right up my alley. Like exactly. 3000000%.
But it's about a guy and for guys D: doesn't do it for me. I can't picture myself as a dude. Makes it hard to imagine getting pounded in my vuvu.
Please add a female main protagonist ;-; pls. Theres nothing like this out there for girls

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Rye's storyline is sick, loved it. Bob Dylan - Mr. Tamborine Man reference was awesome! There's a question though. The scene where her friends (Diamond and other?) tries to abuse the protagonist, there is a greyed out option and it says Rye's love required. Does anyone manage to activate that option? As far as I know, you can't build relationship with Rye at that point because she constantly abuses the protagonist.


Anyway, I figured out the greyed out option with Rye. You need to progress in the Vicky's storyline until "Nutflix and Chill".  After the date you'll go back to your apartment and Rye barges in and then she reveals that she has feelings for the protagonist. After this event, next time you meet with Rye, her dialog changes a little depending on the progress you made with her. I'm not going to spoil it so it's better to discover yourself. Either way the greyed out option in the  "Consider This Your Trigger Warning" will be available. 


I have the game but how do I play it?

The game crashes when I try to reload old saves, but seems to work fine with recent ones. 


Hey guys, I really enjoy this game but I get "An exception has occured" in reguards to "cockworkGabbySprite." Does anyone know of a fix? Also how do I progress past the dancingblow with Rye?


I also have the same error. About the Rye storyline, if you've completed the danceblow, next she'll take you to her apartment. You need high anal skill to progress (more than 50 perhaps, not realy sure)

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yo the game crashes like crazy most of the time and i cant get past claudia's first visit without crashing, anyone has the same problem? or a possible cause/solution?

I love this game and specially the new update, does anyone know how to get the teacher to abduct you?

make sure you talk to her when your intelligence is below 50


Yeah, I discovered it not much later, even thought the result was dissapointing. 

I have a doubt, is it normal to get +0 knowledge at school after some point?

Here's a picture.

You probably reached max knowelge. The cap is 100.

I haven't tried the game yet, but does the cgs also show the boys and what's being done to them (hehe) or is it just focusing on the futas?

Sometimes it shows everything and sometimes nothing.

Can't download 0.5a. Itch only offers 0.3b

Should be available at our download page,

How does one download it and play it. I have windows and I'm not sure what to do

Nevermind i figured it out XD


This new update is very good. Cheers.



I have answered several questions here...but even I, in my dedication to this game can't figure out 1, specific thing...How do you get the gang bang with Malory and the other priestess girls. I have seen pictures on google...but no answer. I have tried to get close with "her eminence" then purposely fail to get the "punishment" but it is just do u get fucked by all of them?

It's the bad event at school.


The school?! No kidding! Haha never would have guessed! Thanks mate!

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Where is save data stored? Can I just delete the old version, or is there a specific file I should move?


If you download the new update and delete the old one, there should be no problem running it. I myself have not found where the data is stored. However, it isn't important, if you hit a glitch between an old save and the new game...just start a new doesn't take long to get back to where you were thankfully! That being said, I also havn't had an issue with an old save not running properly on the update. So ya, just delete the old folder, and replace it with the new. If it makes you feel more comfortable port the files from the new folder to the old and "replace" the similar files, then rename the folder. It should all work out just fine, either way.

how to install the game on linux

Is there a reason they're all transexuals/she makes/dickgirls and not futa? 

As none of the "Futa" have both genitals which is what a Futa is supposed to have. Seems like a massive oversight


Personally I find nothing wrong with their take on the futanari girl...Some renditions even have it so that the futa dont even have balls! To me that in itself is a turn off. A dick with no not a dick lmao! Besides, how can they cum?! But more so I like how it is different! it is there own take on what they like to embody as the Futa girl....I personally, love it! XD


"-Instead of the game not containing Claudia Part One, the game now includes Claudia Part One."

But seriously good to see you making an update.


Great use of this meme! Cheers! =)


Instead of not containing Claudia Part Two, the game now contains Claudia Part Two.

Gr8, thanks.

I have no idea when and if you'll see this, but I checked out your bug report forms and it shows handy little statistics, however, I really don't think its a good idea to publish/make visible all the people's emails that submitted bug reports to you for everyone with access to the form to see


That's not intended! Responses are deleted until we figure out why the visibility settings are not behaving as advertised. 

Thanks for the heads up! 


Any chance of this gaming an Android port?

I absolutely love the game and specially Rye, even though I don't know how to get a higher relationship with Claudia and the bad endings with Vicky and Shauna made feel so bad I had to leave the game for some time.  

Both Vicky and Suni (Avoiding Shauna) have happy endings as well, have you seen those? It easily makes up for the bad endings!

It totally makes up, but still, when I get a bad ending, I can't avoid feeling bad. 

I loved suni's ending but I'm stuck on Vicky, we get to her place then she goes soft and i "kindly" deny rye then Vicky wants me to come to her place but I get no prompt to do so


You have to actually visit her apartment to continue.

If you go to like the city center (Sorry haven't played in a long time) Its like where the shop is. If you go to the right you should see the aprentment complex. Click on it to visit and select her floor. Cant remember what it is but if you try them all it will only let you choose hers. Theres not many...Hope this helps

Before going to her apartment make sure you have enough money or you'll get a bad ending. 

How to get full relationship with claudia

For the current progress I don't think she is a character to develop a relationship with, but don't quote me on that

There working on the update for her

Any plans to port to Android?

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i got to the first bible study session with Mallory and there was an option to admit i was flirting with her but its greyed out and forces me to say i wasnt. How do i unlock that option

Same thing I want to know. 

hey so i have a question is there no good end with rye? because i have 1 day left and i cant get the good ending with her just bad or being binded in different ways what do i do?

There is at least one good ending with Rye, I obtained it. 


Any plans on bringing it to Android or I phone?

how do i get rid of Shauna on the roof with Suni?

Make sure your fitness is higher. Not sure the exact number but I'd say 50 should be more than safe. You also will need to ensure you're knowledge is pretty has been awhile since i've played so I cant remember the exact number. But have at least 75 knowledge at all times. Certain intellectual moves require it. And I know for a fact you will need fitness and knowledge to survive that encounter. Aslo if you have high relationships with other futas you can call them for help.

Good luck!

Thx! 😊

Calling Rye and the MREA is useless though. 

Not anymore =) Claudia comes to the rescue! however I like to avoid this anyway, cuz why continue in a game where little Suni is dead (Super Sad Face)

Good game overall, but really surprised to hear Turn Up by Virtual Riot. (rye nightclub minigame scene) first time i've heard that song in a long time and i heard it here. thanks for that.

I have just replayed the game for the ~ 5th time now, and tbh im really supprised with how everything has come together. The only thing I would recomend is a list of who you can get with and who you cant get with, so far ive been with sunni, rye, victory (i think thats her name) , and the empress (the person who cums 100 times in you) I think you can get with a few other people but its hard to findout what key parts of the story "activate" their part of the story. But thats all I would love a fuck list of who I can bang!

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I have to say, there is no other game in existence that could compare to this!

Wow I wait with great anticipation for future updates! I feel like a hypocrite though... I cant afford to pledge much to the game on patreon but I plan to become a supporter for sure. Great storyline, some may find it weird but it rubs me in all the right ways.


Well drawn and attractive characters. With plenty of delicious animations.


Very simplistic, not in the way that it is lacking, moreso easy for a relaxed gamer (like myself) 

Stats are easy to advance and it doesn't take much to learn what you gotta do not to lose...

And I say lose but if (to avoid spoilers I'll say this) by the way we do...I dont find it too much of a loss

Obviously it is still early in development but there is plenty to do.

Recommendations to other playing

Keep multiple saves, utilize the multiple slots given. If you want to see all the endings without having to restart each time. After reaching the end of the girl's storyline the game ends so save often...also save often because if you arent keeping up with stats properly you will potentially lose.

Also for anyone having trouble with the max stat save, you do not need it anymore. 

Just start a new game and play of the easiest difficulty, represented by Suni.

You have max stats and money from the beginning, so you can just enjoy the game and go through the story.

Message to developers:

Again, very unique and intriguing game! We need much more like this and also again, I wait with great anticipation for more!

i wasn't expecting such a good story i thought i was gonna be just bitching but the story is amazing suni is so cute it melted me
Rye her route was kind of crazy and I loved it
and the songs I loved the songs the track is perfect will you make the songs available?

I downloaded it for the fap but stayed for the story. Rye storyline is just beautiful.

Download doesn't work. There's no file in the link.

maxed stat save doesnt work cause you cant delete the saves you create.

rename it to 1-2-LT1. I got it to work that way


Downloaded this because guys on 4chan don't stfu about it. It's brought up on a lot of threads. Anyway, Rye is unappealing in every way possible. Hopefully someone else will be worked on next.


Most appealing*

Not sure why but I keep getting a network error when I try to download, doubt it's on the dev's end but curious if anyone else is having this issue. I'll try again periodically, seems like an interesting play.

i got this prob too, everytime i try to dl it

File's probably hosted on unsupported third-party website. Should work fine if you download it in a browser instead of the itch client.

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