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Is demtria's third option still unavailable in 07.7. I maxed Claudia to the point of the last choice before the end of her arc, then played demtria route to the choice.

Afraid so

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Gender racism?


You say "Extreme Gender Racism" (Which someone else pointed out the stupidity of) like you care and then immediately say "Rever-Rape" as if it isn't just rape if it happens to a male. 


Did you even read the list of warnings? "The game deals heavily with themes of femdom, bondage, objectification, gender roles, mind control, dystopia, and slavery." - That covers everything you just said, except "gender racism", because that's not a thing.


Arexodius Is Not a Clown. He Is The Entire Circus

question about the game, does the males fuck the futas or do the futas fuck the males?


It is almost always a futa-on-male situation

What happens if you continue after Suni's death if you get Demetria to dispatch Empyrean?

Suni is gone from the game, Shauna is gone from the game, and most scenes with Sara become unaccessible

the game is awesome, i just have a little problem, how can i pass vicky's game? it's imposible

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Absolutely love your work! Your game is one of the best in this trope. As a muscular futa fan I would really love it if you considering creating Sally or Draga romance path. An Irene path will be great also. Sorry if I am asking too much but please do consider it. Best wishes...

Hey there! I would definitely like to play this game on android S21+. I downloaded the first file, freed up like 10gb of space, installed it, and it installed a ghost app thats taking up 3gb of space on my phone, preventing me from installing anything, or removing it.

If you guys have any idea of whats going on, let me know, thanks!


Hi i havent even finished the game and almost uninstalled because it's futa on male (i am a very gay girl with a very want to get beep by futa) BUT I GLAD IM PLAYING THIS GAME. It's so good with the plot and all, the multiple routes is a welcome, it's more complex than other porn games in which i have no idea which choice is gonna lead to what. Also the writing is Hilarious, please write a book i will legit buy it. Anw thanks so much for making this, it's such a gem.

You might enjoy the two FDW books! Honeymoon and Dickplomatic Immunity by Sacha Witt

Oooohhh where can i get it??

how to get scene 

mallory's route it a bit to late for questions

The game installed just fine for me (everyone who gets the not installed screen mostly just need to free up space and you can install it pretty easy)

but when i try to start the game 

It crashes everytime 

I tried both versions of the apk and the same thing happens

The message says the game keeps stopping 

Any solution for this ?? Guys 

How much space do you have? We're talking about the android version not installing.

I don’t know if I just couldn’t find her or there is no more content for her but Wallis( the ice cream vendor) doesn’t show up for me anymore after the the talk on the bench I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find her.  Kinda sad too I like her

If you're up to v0.8, she reappears at the pool a few days later and now has her own route. 

oh thank you i'm gonna go on a limb and say this isn't the public version but i can't wait either way

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Hey great game, been playing it like for almost 3 years, i'm a spanish native speaker, would you like to translate this game? i can do it  just want the translation to be in the oficial version so my spatish speaking brothers can enjoy it too.

Also cheers on the steam release!

If you can translate the game into spanish, we want that and would pay for it. Just note that the game is already >500,000 words; longer than War and Peace. 

If you're feeling determined, send us an email?

Hey, just thought I'd make sure, but the game is free? I saw it being sold on Steam. Are you selling it there, or is someone selling it without permission?

The Itch version usually lags a bit behind the Steam version! Both Steam and here are being sold by the FutaDomWorld team; thanks for checking. 

How much behind are we talking here ??

One month, unless we forget to update Itch

I can't even open the game on android


Hi, I'm curious if you could post me the link to the official guide of the game version 0.7.7, if there is one, you'd be doing me a big favour because I'm not very good in English.
Thank you for the courtesy.

hola, lamento informarte que creo que no hay una guia oficial del juego, actualmente estoy intentando llamar la atencion de los desarrolladores para traducirles el juego a español ojala acepten para que puedas disfutar de esta joya en tu idioma :

I cannot for the life of me figure out the answers to Demetrias trial I read those 3 books like 40 times I just super dumb :P or am I meant to fail?

Anybody know when a update will be coming out for this game?

Anyone have trouble with the vicky drinking game i cant seem to get past it no matter  how many times i try 

Deleted 281 days ago
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yeah, the minigame is quite a pain in the ass, just try to only pick wine and pray for no invisible drinks to go in your mouth, eventually you will get it 

You can disable the drinking game in the settings! (I think)

On android when it's about to finish it says app not installed? How do I fix it?

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Just got finished playing  my second  round  of it. Is  it possible to get  past Goddess  Day? It seems like that is the games "wall".  Also is  the bird lady datable?  It  just mentions "I don't want  to talk to her anymore"? Seems like she would be  the games  "yanderee"  Also there  is no mention of the mini game elements.  Also are the events time/day sensative liike  Shenmue?

In  the future  can  you ad a walkthrough or some thing  with all the datable girls  or  some thing so  we know what girls want what  stats. Also does the  game push you to be bound as it  seems the  "tax" goes up  100 each time  unlike  rent. 

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it is posible to get pass goddess day, you can go to the mra head quarters and ask for a test and if you pass the test well you can go with the "good boys" into a safe room, also you can do the suni's route and when her girlfriend ask you if you want suni to bind you you can answer "no" and after the sex you wont be having her ending but insted you can sill play and there will be no taxes anymore, and sorry to tell you but there's no shauna route, she has something like a bad endig so maybe you can try an see if you like that, hope you find this helpful also that my grammar wasn't to bad, im not a native speaker 

I was just wondering why the android version was so big, being 3 gb's and all. It's even bigger than the PC version which is the first I've seen so I was curious what makes it so large?

I'm on ryes path playing on android and can't do the danceblow mini game is it possible?

The Danceblow doesnt work on Android, but you can disable it in the game menu and this will allow you to continue on Rye's route! 

Got a "There was a problem parsing the package" error trying to install...

Just how much space is needed for this game? o.o

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I would love to buy a copy on steam, but sadly Valve decided to stop selling adult only games in Germany. Are you planing to sell steam keys on other stores (e.g. itch or indiegala)?


Fellas, all I'm going to say is day 8.

what about day 8?

Android still not working


Not entirely sure if this is the proper place to write this, but fuck it, its a great game and I havent seen many thanks in the comments.

It can be a little cheezy at times, but hey, its a porn game, ya get what ya ask for out of it. Some of the storylines were especially amazing and I did actually enjoy the overall universe (although inconsistant at times). 

And yes, I am fully aware of how much of a creep I must seem writing this little review (or whatever the hell this is), but I really did enjoy this game and hope to see much more content in the future!

I've been following this game since, i think v0.6, so possibly not that long, however I thouroughly enjoyed the first time i played, and after a while I noticed that I wasnt even horny anymore, I was just legitimately engrossed in the story and the writing, which rarely ever happens when I play games like these, lol.

If i had any notes storyline-wise, it would be, P L E A S E , add some more Irene content, she gives me surprisingly protective mommy-domme vibes, heck I'll write it myself! Just holy canolie she made me feel smol when she was super protective after the scene with Mina.

All in all, despite a few graphical errors and bugs I've experienced in my playthroughs, the story is excellent, the charactors dont (ALLWAYS) feel forced and overly-cheezy, and THERES A CAT. THAT SURFS.

Major props to the devs!



You'll write it yourself, eh? 

We do indeed have open submissions and sometimes buy scripts;

Plz i cant download the adroid version


Steam Version No Launch/No Work can you guys fix it

Fix the android version pls

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The drinking minigame for Vicky is far too diffucult. Even after passing it twice, i still have no idea what i'm doing. I had to give up on her character arc completely.

(played on PC)

yah and  you have no clue  before it  pops  up.  The  game  is all  ready allready hard. Like MGQ  Chapter 2 hard.

Can you consider using Mega at least for the android port, it makes it easier on android users because they don't have to worry about the download failing do to discrepancies excluding storage.

I disagree. I'm not a fan of Mega.

I must say this is the first time I've heard that one. Every one I know seems to like mega because it manages the download for you and is free unless you plan to store large amounts of data on mega. You also don't have to interact with the app much at all after setting it up because you can just install the app from the mega folder in your storage.

too complicated and easier through this site.

I remember playing an earlier version and I LOVED IT! Now, all it does is crash. (Android)

every time the download is ending it fails

I played an older version on my andriod but this version simply crashes everytimenintry to open the game after it installed any suggestions? I have plenty of space and am using a Samsung galaxy 21 ultra

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I can't even download the game it says "The app has not been installed"
I'm using an android device

Hello, I think that the android version is corrupted. Do you have a discord server? I'd like to join.

There is no way to advance in the game without being raped?

I like that Suni is different, but even to buy you need to be penetrated to advance in the story.

Unless they give you the opportunity to defend yourself against the futas

I only got to  goddess day then the  tax  bitch screws  you over.

Also, avoid buying things and going to the prostitution bar because you literally buy something and it fucks you

Im on Android, i downloaded  the second version, then i try to open the app and it gives me a black screen and after a second it closes, then after a few tries it says "futadom... Failed to start several times, restore it by cleaning history?" Giving me the option "clean it immediately" but doesnt work, help?

I can't even download the game it says "The app has not been installed"

try deleting some apps you dont use, that problem is probably because you dont have enough space

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