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Hi,FDW!Will the second part of WALLIS come this month? Is there a specific release date on patreon? I hope everything goes well with you!


Probably around the end of the month.


Does this game have cuck content?

You may prefer our hard NTR game, My Futa Valentine 

Hey FDW !Will the second part of wallis come this month? I had the game on steam and really hope to play it in these days.Long for your good news!

Nope! But the Demetria Chastity bonus content drops on Patreon in like, two days, and it has some other stuff too 

What are the answer to the quiz by demertria

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how can i stop Mallory from binding me i am stuck in a loop


How far down the Mallory path are you

and are you trying for Mallory The Reformer or are you going on a GLORIOUS CRUSADE

I got as far as disappointing the Eminence and I'm going on a glorious crusade

I just saw your new Patreon post,

does that mean Wallis part 2 will come out next month ?


Probably. Though Demetria Chastity is still on for this month. 

does the next update coming in January or do we have to wait until next month ?

Both! We hope to have Wallis Part Two out for Patreons at the end of the month, but it'll be another month until it's free for our Itch backers. 

I bought the game on Steam, do I have to wait until next month to play Wallis part 2 or do I get to play it when it releases on Patreon ?


Steam and Patreon release at the same time!


Hello, I could use your help, I think I'm stuck on the road to Vicky during the "Nutfflix and Chill" appointment, each time she sends me home and the next day I have to do the same appointment again and so on. Is this a bug or is it normal ? No matter what choices I make during the dialogues, it ends with a blowjob and then goodbye. 


How do i make money


Are there any incest routes? Like mother or sisters?

Nah, though landlord Betty is a mature woman who does prefer to be called Mommy 
She's into some weird stuff tho 

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I was eyeing her lol. She's kinda the reason I asked lol.

I need help on the wallis part

I don't know how to get the 'apparently I squeal unappealingly'

what rating should the oral and anal rejuvenation be at?

I changed oral level 0 before I meet to Wallis


The Jojo reference ( quite literally ) got me so bad hahAHAHAH xD. Just superb . nice work

There are storylines in the game I like better, but I don't think there's a comic-three-seconds that I like better

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Wow, the devs did a really good job with the story of Wallis, I liked a lot this part1, I was horny but cried like 3 times.

I liked that we can read her old diary to learn about her past,  that we get to meet some of the characters that appear in her diary and finally that we can try to change her for better. And the music choice was good too.

how can i pass demetria test i keep failling 

well, the goddess gives her toughest battles to her strongest soldiers

i dont want to be a soldier anymore please help me pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssee (in sallys voice)


is there a release date for the next update ? (wallis part 2)


Maybe end of January, unless we need more time for art, in which case we'll release the Demetria Chastity rewrite as an appetizer 


how to unlock all galery ? i need walkthrough. cause i understand a little bit of english language 


when will wallis part 2 come out

~6 weeks probably 

do i need to buy the steam version to play wallis part 2? also how do i go the rye path.

Please mark the pc download as supporting linux, can’t download it on itch app otherwise. It works if I download it separately, so it does support linux :)


gotchu fam


Hi, I recently started playing this and love it, but I do have one question. What stat is used to determine if you pass the Test of Pain? I keep failing it no matter which stat I grind


Hi, it's the second time I'm playing the game, I'll admit that the first time I was quite surprised that the characters are better written than most AAA games we have nowadays.

I have to requests: can you provide an updated list with all the songs used in the game? I'm especially curious about the music that plays when Sally fights for the first time.

Also any tips how to "date" Gabby/Garbage Futa and Diamond? I never visited their apartment.


Gabby's apartment is unlockable via her silhouette in the club; then she'll welcome you on the (4th?) floor of the Glendale building. Diamond's apartment visit requires that you sweet-talk her during Claudia's route, I think, though there may also be an option via her silhouette. 

Yeah, Sally's music fuckin slaps, right? It's Brazilian Street Fight, by Punch Deck. 

Is playing the danceblow mini game an option on the apk version of the game? 

I'm wondering bc I enabled it but it just skipped the scene.


great game of congratulations. (I wanted to know how to complete Sally's gallery, only the gym is missing)

Glad to have an update so soon! Sally is so adorable and I'm glad she gets the happy ending she deserves. Only thing I can suggest is for Godess's day in Downtown to change if you and Sally are in a relationship. Other than that, great work! 


As a man I now see what women went through in the 1000-1900

and also I see that there is now a reason we should never make futas in a lab

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what is the name of the music after wallis breast fucks(scene is after meeting the cop), its the calm type music with piano and beats i think

thanks in advance

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Yep, I have it saved as "m_lonely_nights.mp3" with no metadata 

Neither shazam nor audiotag nor aha-music found hide nor hair of it 

I probably made it by mildly producing some Youtube rip

If you're hellbent, you could possibly find it via brute-force searching the first fifty youtube hits for "No Copyright Music Chill Lo-Fi Beats"

Haha okay got it 

omg thanks, i was awake at 3am just searching for this song everywhere lol. You were a huge help

where is new update on steam version?

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Has  anyone else found the special guests in Sally's carnival date? Just want to avoid ton of trying everything?

is there a release date for the next update on Steam ?


If you mean Sally Part Two, it is already live on Steam! 

If you mean the next one, no; probably January 


Is there a release date on Wallis Part 2 for premium version


Tuesday, probably!

I have some problems installing 0.9 on my android

i can download the thing perfectly, but when i try to update my game it justs fails. 

Any ideas on how to fix that? 

It might be because my game is on 0.7.7


Mallory is Goddess :D


Is Wallis part 2 coming soon. Also, when will the Demetria + Claudia option come. Been waiting for that for long

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I have a question. i just started playing the game recently, so while choosing the difficulty i choose the easy one with unlimited money and energy,so will it effect the gameplay somehow 

Can anyone answer please

The gameplay is altered in that you have unlimited money and energy


This renders some endings impossible to reach, as they require failing at skill checks or running out of money. 80% of the game should still be reachable, though. 

What do I do when Mallory leaves the note 

Let's go! Nice to see a update


can you guys please tell me when you gonna release Sally Complete public??


Why, it's live right now on our Patreon!

I am sorry but I live in a country that has bad economy so paying 7 dolars is too much for me to pay. Thats why I asked. I wish I could help you guys. Sorry:(  

I love your work...

Not to worry! It'll be out around Halloween


I couldn't wait. I bought it from steam. I AM WEAK!!!


Is there no android version for v9. 0?

Why are some scenes censored and others are not? Is there a way to get everything uncensored?

Which scenes are censored? Though we at one point made a censorship build for release in Japan, currently we aren't bothering with that and there should be no censorship in the game. 

I would say around 70% of scenes unlocked in my gallery are censored. I just finished Claudia's route and basically everything was censored.

Are you using the most recent build??

If you can email us at that might be helpful 

I went into the save files and removed everything and then started the game, and now nothing is censored. I guess I played the version with censorship before and now when I played again it was still censored. Either way it works now, thanks c:


time for a revolution boys

I can't download it says forbidden. What should I do?

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