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i got to the first bible study session with Mallory and there was an option to admit i was flirting with her but its greyed out and forces me to say i wasnt. How do i unlock that option

hey so i have a question is there no good end with rye? because i have 1 day left and i cant get the good ending with her just bad or being binded in different ways what do i do?

Any plans on bringing it to Android or I phone?

how do i get rid of Shauna on the roof with Suni?

Make sure your fitness is higher. Not sure the exact number but I'd say 50 should be more than safe. You also will need to ensure you're knowledge is pretty has been awhile since i've played so I cant remember the exact number. But have at least 75 knowledge at all times. Certain intellectual moves require it. And I know for a fact you will need fitness and knowledge to survive that encounter. Aslo if you have high relationships with other futas you can call them for help.

Good luck!

Thx! 😊

Good game overall, but really surprised to hear Turn Up by Virtual Riot. (rye nightclub minigame scene) first time i've heard that song in a long time and i heard it here. thanks for that.

I have just replayed the game for the ~ 5th time now, and tbh im really supprised with how everything has come together. The only thing I would recomend is a list of who you can get with and who you cant get with, so far ive been with sunni, rye, victory (i think thats her name) , and the empress (the person who cums 100 times in you) I think you can get with a few other people but its hard to findout what key parts of the story "activate" their part of the story. But thats all I would love a fuck list of who I can bang!

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I have to say, there is no other game in existence that could compare to this!

Wow I wait with great anticipation for future updates! I feel like a hypocrite though... I cant afford to pledge much to the game on patreon but I plan to become a supporter for sure. Great storyline, some may find it weird but it rubs me in all the right ways.


Well drawn and attractive characters. With plenty of delicious animations.


Very simplistic, not in the way that it is lacking, moreso easy for a relaxed gamer (like myself) 

Stats are easy to advance and it doesn't take much to learn what you gotta do not to lose...

And I say lose but if (to avoid spoilers I'll say this) by the way we do...I dont find it too much of a loss

Obviously it is still early in development but there is plenty to do.

Recommendations to other playing

Keep multiple saves, utilize the multiple slots given. If you want to see all the endings without having to restart each time. After reaching the end of the girl's storyline the game ends so save often...also save often because if you arent keeping up with stats properly you will potentially lose.

Also for anyone having trouble with the max stat save, you do not need it anymore. 

Just start a new game and play of the easiest difficulty, represented by Suni.

You have max stats and money from the beginning, so you can just enjoy the game and go through the story.

Message to developers:

Again, very unique and intriguing game! We need much more like this and also again, I wait with great anticipation for more!

i wasn't expecting such a good story i thought i was gonna be just bitching but the story is amazing suni is so cute it melted me
Rye her route was kind of crazy and I loved it
and the songs I loved the songs the track is perfect will you make the songs available?

I downloaded it for the fap but stayed for the story. Rye storyline is just beautiful.

Download doesn't work. There's no file in the link.

maxed stat save doesnt work cause you cant delete the saves you create.

rename it to 1-2-LT1. I got it to work that way

Downloaded this because guys on 4chan don't stfu about it. It's brought up on a lot of threads. Anyway, Rye is unappealing in every way possible. Hopefully someone else will be worked on next.


Most appealing*

Not sure why but I keep getting a network error when I try to download, doubt it's on the dev's end but curious if anyone else is having this issue. I'll try again periodically, seems like an interesting play.

i got this prob too, everytime i try to dl it

File's probably hosted on unsupported third-party website. Should work fine if you download it in a browser instead of the itch client.