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I’m at the part where I have the third option with demtrtia and my relationship with Claudia is maxed and I have the last quest with her before I finish the game but it’s still not showing me that the third option is available did I miss something please let me know if I’m doing something wrong

You didn't do anything wrong! That's just not implemented yet

is the 0.7 version available for apple yet?


i think Demetria  way is buged you cant survive the secrefice even if you chose all right. and on rain of dire all choses is right

I soo look forward to see Wallis as a dateable character. After talking to her at the park bench, i never see her again except for at the art section. 

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Oh i know. I mean more as in continue her romance route. She's my favorite soo far.


What happened to the android version of the game?

Deleted 2 years ago

Oh man if you like grimy and unwashed characters then you're gonna really like the Hobo Gangbang in 0.7.2

Deleted 2 years ago

Cannot parse package help us...


whenever I try to play the apk it says "There was a problem parsing this package". Do you know what the reason for this might be? 


When I try to install the apk is always says app not installed... anyone know how to fix it?

me too :(

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Me too

I'm not sure why but when I download the game it won't open, my phone slows down, and my files won't open. Once I deleted the apk file my phone returned to normal. Is there any Malware on this site or does anyone know if the same has happened to them?

Anybody got a walkthrough for the new content (including all scenes and/or endings)?


Can't play danceblow on android

me too, have you found a way to fix it?



what should i do in priest test i stuck there


Download doesn't work on android for me.

is there a free android link?

Yep! Check our download page

which link is it non say android sorry if this is annoying to deal with  

The .apk file at the bottom of the downloads page;

thanks and sorry of my idiocy 

i would love to have do more with the futa at the back of the bar i cant remember her name as of now but she stands near the dart board and you can talk about the news with her as well as a few  other things. i would love if there could be some ore action with her 

i dont know if i made a wrong choice but im at full friendship with Vicky and when i go click on herat the bar she just says meet me someplace private and something about a car park and just ends. is that the end of the story for her or something?

btw i love the game i have completed it multiple times now its fun everytime gonng back and trying all the paths i havent already tried 

I suspect we accidentally broke Vicky's path somehow during the v0.6 release; we updated a fixed build for mac and android about 48 hours ago

I can't install on Android, when i try to install there's an error, can someone help pls?


Is there a working version for IPhone?


I can't seem to open the current Android version even after I downloaded the entire apk. Is the game actually available on mobile?

It seems like I couldn't get to Vicky, cuz when I choose "spend some time with her" I only get a picture of this without anything next


I'm having issues installing the latest android build. Every time I try an install I get an error message stating "There was a problem parsing this package".


Tried the new update and I still get the same issue. I've downloaded the game and tried installs multiple times so there must be some other problem 


saying there's not a valid windows version uploaded, sadly :c

0.7 release date potentially? I hope Wallis gets a story line soon.

Also a suggestion: If the content is yet to be released, e.g. the alternate option in Dykemetria's story line where it says Claudia's max relationship is required, it should inform us how the content is coming in the future rather than just showing grayed-out paths. I spent hours testing everything to get the alternate ending but to no avail.

That's an entirely reasonable solution; we will try to implement that in the future and save frustration. 

Thanks for the reply, can't wait for the next update :3.

how can ı pass the test of wisdom

Save and try over until you get them right.


When do y'all think youll come out with windows version? Ive played the old versions and am excited to play this one

We have a windows version ready for you RIGHT NOW =D

:O!! Heck yeah 

How do you do the 2nd event for rye on moblie

Disable it in the settings! Sorry, we don't have that working yet


In the "bad cop" route, Diamond gives you her apartment number at the warehouse. Is there a scene of this in the game now?


Next release! 


In Demetria's route, at the ending, there is an greyed option if you have max relationship for you to not go through the treatment. Will this option be implemented now that Claudia's route is finished?

Yep! Next release, hopefully 


Mallory Best Girl~

psssst, does the greyed out option for flirting with Mallory mean there's more Mallory content planned? ...a Mallory route, perhaps?


Indeed it is in the works! 

Will there be a free android port


gimme the link.

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unfortunately, it seems that a certain scene involving Rye and her goons during Goddess day is broken, the game crashes whenever I try to do it.  Version 0.5a

Idk how to unlock the disappoint demetria at a crucial moment scene idk where go at that one

Have really low stats before the public display during Goddess Day. It also helps if you guess wrong what the trials will be. You fail, and get that end instead.


Was just thinking about this but will there be any expansion on Stacy? Like a story for her? Also the ice cream vendor Wallis is there any ideas for an expansion on her too?


Wallis yes, Stacy maybe!

how to run on linux

Android version no patreon?


I wish that there were more games like this i love the futa and being dommed by one type of shit. Love this project


Is there aleardy a Date when the new v0,6 part will be avaible for public?
i ask because i hate it to leave my credit card infos somewhere or bank details. Also will there be ever an Option to buy it one time with for example Paysafecard to stay anonymous. ^^ thx for every answer btw love your game


No fixed date yet, but we usually release Public about a month after the patreons get it. 

I use Privacy for disposable cards. Great if you wanted to, just hypothetically speaking, sign up for an OnlyFans.

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