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I have a question. i just started playing the game recently, so while choosing the difficulty i choose the easy one with unlimited money and energy,so will it effect the gameplay somehow 

Can anyone answer please

The gameplay is altered in that you have unlimited money and energy


This renders some endings impossible to reach, as they require failing at skill checks or running out of money. 80% of the game should still be reachable, though. 

What do I do when Mallory leaves the note 

Let's go! Nice to see a update


can you guys please tell me when you gonna release Sally Complete public??


Why, it's live right now on our Patreon!

I am sorry but I live in a country that has bad economy so paying 7 dolars is too much for me to pay. Thats why I asked. I wish I could help you guys. Sorry:(  

I love your work...

Not to worry! It'll be out around Halloween


I couldn't wait. I bought it from steam. I AM WEAK!!!


Is there no android version for v9. 0?

Why are some scenes censored and others are not? Is there a way to get everything uncensored?

Which scenes are censored? Though we at one point made a censorship build for release in Japan, currently we aren't bothering with that and there should be no censorship in the game. 

I would say around 70% of scenes unlocked in my gallery are censored. I just finished Claudia's route and basically everything was censored.

Are you using the most recent build??

If you can email us at that might be helpful 

I went into the save files and removed everything and then started the game, and now nothing is censored. I guess I played the version with censorship before and now when I played again it was still censored. Either way it works now, thanks c:


time for a revolution boys

I can't download it says forbidden. What should I do?


I was scrolling through, almost downloaded without reading anything, but thanks for the thoughtful description my guy, I do not like this genre but hope it turns out well for you

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Will the sally part 1 and 2 updates be  put on here or Is it like a patron only? 

Sally 1 will be out here probably at the end of the month, when Sally Part Two comes out for Patreon backers 

FDW - Binding Sim sorry for the question cois but I'm curious, long time did you put a post where you said to us if they wanted to see where there were giantesses in the game, but in the end this idea is still valid for the future? in the sense will we ever see a game on futanari giantesses one day?

does it have animations?

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Hands down one of the absolute best and highest quality porn games, with the best iteration of what is admitedly an obscure genre.

The game truly reflects how passionate the devs were while crafting this absolute masterpiece.

Even the weaker parts of the writing are still quite enjoyable and im honestly excited to see how far they take this with the steam release and future updates.

Thank you.


for people that still don't know, the new update is out on Steam and it's FUCKING AMAZING !!!

can't wait for more !


I know I'm wrong for asking this but are there any submissive futas who want to see what it's like giving themself to a man?

Like how a man who wants to be fucked and act like a sissy but reversed. Ya know, have her titties sucked and fucked, give head to a man and be fucked by a man? She doesn't fuck him at all. Totally submissive to a man and dresses slutty for him. I know this is a game where men are scum but it doesn't hurt to ask right?



there are 2 sub futas in the game as of no

Who are they?


when is the new update coming out on Steam ?


when new update come out steam?


I've bought the game on Steam, can I play the new update or do I have to wait for the public release !?


What happened with the update? :c

It's out!

in patreon T.T im poor xd


what about steam? patreon and steam version supposed come out same day


When is the next Wallis part gonna come out? She is my favorite character by far!

The game is fun on easy, the game is a challenge for nromla, I'm sure its a nightmare on the hardest one. 

What I have issue with is the INT is there no way to restore it? 

The school is good for getting oral, anal, and earning money. I believe the yoga is also good without losing any INT and gaining strength. Going to the art class is a risk because that will lower the INT.

Not sure what the best strategy is to at least survive enough so you can earn money and go on at least one date. But I might try using the school for the first tax and second rent then try to get paid at the bat that's in town. 

You can raise INT at the school! 


today is the 117th day since the last update came out




We're live;


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I tried to download the game many, many times. It never finish. Is this a common problem or what can I do?

Thanks for any help!

Problem solved!

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On android with some mini games that u have to use keyboard to progress with the story and futa relationships ryu arrow mini game on android port dose not work by using  Bluetooth keyboard, touch screen and or controller, is there anyway u can add an skip mini game or add a different way to play the mini game without have to use an keyboard to progress the story on android port

All minigames should indeed be skippable! Either in the game, or in the menu (to disable e.g., the Danceblow)

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More content with the Sweaty blonde haired Futa from the gym would be nice NGL. Great game so far tho.

when new update coming to steam version?


Will there ever be an option to play as a girl?

How do i continue with Claudia quest after chief and rookie?


You'll find Claudia in the bar; you should probably not get hypnotized by the Chief.

Thanks that I did a safe


How do you get the wallis's route scene:

 "apparently i squeal unapealingly (anal failure)" ?

it's the only one i'm missing and i can't find it.


what dose the hypno therapy do?

Changes the Claudia ending, and some cosmetic tweaks on the Chief


So it's a sexist game...I'm fine with this

im not

Any idea of when v0. 8 is coming on Android? Thanks

What's the music playing when with Wallis at the parking garage fixing her bike? Can't find it

It's a cover of Massive Attack - Angel 


When will the next update drop?

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Is the game still having some updates? I'm playing 0.8. I would like to point out something. I'm stuck in the bad ending with Vicky, I finally got the money so she can buy the bar, but I can't delivery it to her anymore, whatever I visit her apartment I got the ending with her and no opitions to leave the money.

It would be nice if you could add the option to give the money a bit later in the game.  I liked her and was shocked when I saw the ending for the first time and now I just have a bitter taste in my mouth that I won't be able to choose her anymore in my current playthrough


Are there any plans to ever make other playable characters? Like a gamemode where you play as a futa or a female

aha so I've kind of completely messed up. i like to progress as far as I can with all the routes before getting the ending so i can experience as much as possible in one playthrough. well I found out the hard way... Claudia's route is time limited. I got to the very last mission in the good cop route where you rescue Mirabel then the game ends so I move onto other things before that final interaction. so I was going through Wallis' route (favourite so far btw) and one day I just woke up to Anderson breaking down my door and giving me a game over :') so, unless there's a way around this time limit, if you want to get as much done as you can with one character then progress Claudia's route to just before she gets framed and save the rest till after everything else.

FYI, Rye's route is time limited too. If you decline the trip to the Ryeland, or take an early exit from the Ryeland, you'll need to watch out for the Romanov family coming back to clean up unfinished business. 

I have a question, will the MIC theme have more development? that is, as a route where the protagonist can make decisions that lead to male on futa content?

The MIF? Yep, we're puttin that in update v1.0

thanks I will be attentive when that new update comes out n.n/


For some reason 0.8 for me won't update, anyone else have this type of problem?

Guys, I have a very important question about the setting. My team and I are making a tabletop role playing game in this world, and I would like to clarify (well, because in our native Eastern Europe the legislation on this matter is completely insane) whether it is possible to use any proper names or organization names (Men's Free States or the Church of the Goddess ) from your game?

You have my permission! And I expect we'd be curious to read what you write; feel free to drop us a line at or on our Patreon 

Thank you very much! If we translate it into English, I will send it right away!

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