FDW Binding Sim v0.2 is out for everyone!

After months of being the privilege of our Patreon backers, FDW Binding Sim v0.2 is out for everyone! 

What's new since v0.1?

If you haven't checked in since v0.1 "Vicky", then the amount of content in the game has more than doubled, and we continue to churn out That Dark Stuff. 

Dig in, you beautiful masochists :)

  • New romanceable heroine, Suni Lambsbridge!
  • The gym!
  • The secret backroom other gym!
  • Sweaty cocks being rubbed on your face! 
  • The Park! 
  • More Silhouette scenes! 
  • Some illustrated silhouette scenes, with art from N.I.P. and CausticCrayon
  • Reworked background art for the world map, bedroom, and more! 
  • A new room-upgrade system, to have fashionable digs!
  • Properly using more of the Propaganda Artworks!
  • Less garbage-looking UI! 
  • A font that is no longer ALL CAPITALS ALL THE TIME! 
  • Automatic daily saves, for when you get whoopsie mindbroken! 
  • Unlimited saves, in general! 
  • New notification system for tax/rent!
  • Text area hiding feature, so you can see the splash pages uninterrupted ;)
  • Various optimizations and bug fixing
  • Salty futa/female/male threesome action! 
  • An ending so overwhelmingly sweet you'll need to watch Schindler's List just to get back to normal!
  • Lighter game file and better performance, especially during animations.
  • And...cake

As you already know, this is donationware, so pay what you can, or get it free!

That said, we'd really appreciate any support you could give us—and it'll speed along the continuing development of FDW.

*** DOWNLOAD ***

Build Notes! 

Once launched, if the game window remains indefinely stuck on Loading... and never load, follow this:

  • Close the game.
  • In the game installation folder, there is a file named  "options.ini". In this file, you will see the line, CreateTexturesOnDemand=0
  • Change this to CreateTexturesOnDemand=1
  • Save.
  • Launch the game, and enjoy.

Also, you're more likely to experiment bugs if you use a save file from a previous build. It's supposed to work flawlessly but manifestly it doesn't, and it's hard to fix it.


Remember this is still an early release, and there is a LOT more to come. Just to give you an idea, we contacted more than 60 artists to work as guests in 0.3 (like NIP and Anasheyaalready did) in order to have tons of new art on top of Rye's quest, the next romanceable character.

Of course some of them were busy or not interested, but we already struck a deal with a dozens of them, including famous ones!


Furthermore, we're sure there's going to be bugs. This is an amateur project, tell us if you encounter an issue but please don't blame us too hard! :)

And if you have an awesome idea for what you want to see in the next release, tell us in the comments!

Thank you for your support. We hope you enjoy FDW Binding Sim.

Doodles, Sacha, xxxx52, Xalimata


FutadomWorld Binding Sim 0.2public - November 2017.exe 408 MB
Nov 23, 2017

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